Synchronised skating

Four medal winning teams, Provincials 2008

Synchronised skating (formerly Precision) is ideal for skaters interested in a team activity. Basic maneuvers, formations and transitions are taught in a social, team atmosphere. There are recreational and competitive opportunities for skaters who master the fundamental skills of precision skating.

Synchro is the fastest growing team sport in the country, where teams of 12 to 24 skaters perform synchronised skating routines. Our teams have had great success; in 2005-06, teams won three gold medals (Insync, Synergy, and Princelles) and a silver medal (Popsicles) at Provincials. In the 2007 Provincials, two teams won gold (Princelles and InSync), Synergy won silver and the Princettes bronze. In 2008-09 we hope to have teams at Masters, Prejuvenile, Juvenile, Novice, Junior and CanSkate levels, depending on registration and interest

2008-09 T e a m s

InSync - Masters

InSync are in their 15th year of skating. InSync won a silver medal at both the 2001-02 and 2002-03 Newfoundland Provincial championships, and silver at the 2003 Eastern Festival championships. In 2003-04 they had an excellent Provincials, winning the gold medal in the Master's category, and they repeated with gold in 2004-05 and 2005-06. In 2007 the team captured its fouurth succesive provincial championship as well as gold in Eastern Festival, and in 2008 won silver at Provincials. The team has its origins in the Club's adult learn-to-skate programme.

To qualify skaters must be 25 years or older by July 1, 2008. The maximum number per team is 20. Skating will continue up to the Provincial Championship. Any further practice beyond this point will incur additional charges.

Coach: Shirley Thistle
Manager: Ruth Noel

2007 team members were: Brenda Beresford, Linda Blakey, Gaye Anthony-Dicks, Rachael Facey, Julie Matthews, Christine Morgan, Denine Morgan, Ruth Noel, Majorie Noel, Victoria Northey, Roxanne O'Neill, Maja Sheiler, Gail Sullivan, Tanya Young,


Popsicles -Canskate

This is the introductory level to synchro. The skaters must be in the CanSkate programme. The team will generally consists of skaters less than 12 yrs (as of July 1, 2008). The maximum number per team is 16.

Coach: Daisy Power



Princettes - Pre-Juvenile

The skaters must be CanSkate stage 6 and up. The team will generally consist of skaters less than 12 yrs (as of July 1, 2008). The maximum number per team is 16. The Princettes captured bronze medals at the 2007 Provincial Championships, and the Eastern Festival of Synchronized Skating, and in 2008 won gold at Provincials

Coach: Daisy Power


2007 Princettes

Coach: Daisy Power
Manager: Gaye Anthony-Dicks
Standing: Sara Bugden, Sara Jane Downton, Emma Dicks, Micheala Du Toit, Janel Hancock, Keeley Hatfield, Shaziana Kaderali, Alison Poynter, Meghan Walsh, Simone Wilkins, Spencer Wilkins


Saturday 1- 1:50 pm Feildian Gardens


A team of 8 to 16 skaters. 75% may not have reached the age of twelve and 25% may not have reached the age of fifteen, as of July 1 2008.


Saturday 2- 3:00 pm Feildian Gardens

Princelles - novice

2007 Princelles

The Princelles consists mostly of the team that skated as the Princettes in 2002-03 in pre-juvenile, winning gold medals at provincials and Eastern Festival. In 2003-04 they moved up a category and finished a respectable third at the provincial championships, and followed this with a gold medal performance in 2004-05. They moved up to Novice in 2005-06, and again won gold at the provincial championships. In 2007 a much changed team repeated as provincial champions and won a bronze medal in Eastern Festival. In 2008, they were Provincial silver medalists.

Our Novice team will consist of at least 75% under 15 yrs. and no more than 25% under 19 yrs (as of July 1, 2007). The maximum number per team is 16. Minimum test requirement is Preliminary Free skate (or at the coaches discretion). Pricing is for 22 weeks; the season will extend past the Provincial competition up to the ice show.
Coach: Shirley Thistle
Manager: Diana Bray
2007 members: Kirsten Baker, Valerie Ball, Julia Bursey, Olivia Drover-Martin, Brittany George, Ashley Morgan, Bethany Porter, Emily Rudkin, Samantha Sooley, Anna Stylianides


Contact Diana Bray 364-6064, dbray@nf.sympatico.ca

Synergy - Junior

Synergy web site

The Junior team consists of 12 to 16 skaters. There is no age limit. Synergy were formed in the 2001-02 season, skating as the Princelles in novice. In 2001-02 and 2002-03, they won a silver medal at the Provincial championships, and in 2003 won bronze at Eastern Festival. In 2003-04 they moved up to Junior and finished an excellent fourth at provincials. In 2004-05 they skated to silver at Provincials and competed at the Eastern Festival of Synchronised skating. In 2005-06 they became Junior Provincial Champions, and travelled to PEI to compete at the Eastern Festival of Synchronised skating. In 2007 they captured silver in the Provincial Championships, and in 2008 were provincial champions with a record setting performance

The 2007-08 team members are Allie Winter, Andrea Thistle, Kathryn Vardy, Jennifer Noel, Beth Liverman, Megan Burt, Robyn Ledrew, Siobhan Wilkins, Hayley Porter, Jenna Hillyard, Kimberly Crocker, Clara Pollard, Nicole Burt, Kayla Kennedy, Samantha Phelan, Lana McCaw and Valerie Ball.
Coach: Shirley Thistle
Manager: Susan Thistle


Contact Susan Thistle 754-7848.

C o s t s

Full details are available under Registration. For more information contact the Synchro coordinator, Ruth Noel at 739-0492.

We thank Avalon Ford & Candian Tire (Kelsey Drive), sponsors of Synergy, our Junior Synchro team, for their support

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Princelles 2007

InSync - Provincial Masters champions 2004-2007

Synergy - 2007

Princettes - 2007