Prince of Wales Figure Skating Club - year by year


Club established by Mrs. Edmunston.


First "real" ice show - theme "The Nutcracker"


Club registered with CFSA on trial basis, sponsored by St. John's FSC.


Alex Balisch (former Austrian Junior champion and senior bronze medallist) moves to St. John's as joint professional coach for Prince of Wales and St. John's.


Atlantic Provincials: Wendy Chapman wins Juvenile ladies, Brian Macleod 2nd in Juvenile men. Club operates Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Club President William Green quoted in paper "Our rate of growth is fantastic. We're progressing to the stage where we have to add an intermediate section next season".


Wendy Chapman wins Atlantic Provincial Junior title, Brian Macleod 1st, Andy Joy 2nd in novice men. Wendy travels to Toronto to compete at Nationals, finishes 16th out of 21.


Club co-hosts first ever Newfoundland Sectionals. Joseph Chapman presents Trophy for best club at sectionals - "The Club Trophy has been donated by Mr and Mrs. Joseph Chapman of St. John's. Mr. Chapman was the Charter President of the Newfoundland Figure Skating Association and was largely responsible for the Province of Newfoundland becoming a recognised Section of the CFSA, thereby making the status of these First Newfoundland Sectional Championships sanctioned by the CFSA a reality". The trophy was won by Prince of Wales.

Chris Chapman becomes the first Newfoundland member of PSCAC. Ralph Adomeit (Austrian born, moved to Canada aged 12) coaches with club. Gold medals in Newfoundland Sectionals:- Wendy Chapman Senior open and Balisch Cup. Janet McKinlay Junior ladies open Ellen Sametz Juvenile ladies, Debra Pearcy Preliminary.


A collapse during re-building of Prince of Wales Arena results in the club losing assets of $2000, covered by insurance (the arena burnt to the ground the previous year).
Club wins Chapman Trophy.


Nine clubs have entries into Sectionals, Prince of Wales defending Chapman Trophy champions. Prince of Wales entries include Shirley Thistle, Michelle MacKinlay, Sharron Clowe, Leslie Farr, Susan Green, Karen MacKinlay, Sandra Hookey, Barbara Chapman and Christine Withers.


Christine Withers wins most congenial trophy at sectionals. Club has 436 members including 150 powerskaters and 30 in the test programme, 22 hours ice, cost $25/hour.


Sectionals in Stephenville: gold medals Nancy Myers (preliminary) Sharon Clowe (pre-juvenile), Shirley Thistle (Juvenile)

The Club becomes involved in Divisionals - Canada Games controversy. The Section executive decides to send only 7 of eleven skaters qualified to attend Divisionals and the Canada Games. Based apparently on judges recommendation, only the top finisher in ladies novice was selected, when the top four were eligible. Coincidentally 2nd, 3rd and 4th places were held by Prince of Wales skaters (Leslie Farr, Barbara Chapman and Michelle Mackinlay). Joseph Chapman and club president Alex Balisch blast the section in the media for the decision. Much public and acrimonious discussion results in the papers; letters of reprimand are sent by the Section, and other clubs ask for the removal of Alex Balisch as Canada games coach. Alex Balisch quoted as saying "An interesting aspect of the sport has been ignored. It is not to win but to take part. It is not to conquer, it is to struggle".


The Club hosts Skate Atlantica, an Atlantic Invitational competition developed by Alex Balisch. 100 skaters take part, including from the club Kerry St. Clair Golding, Janis Adey, Louise Sutherland, Susanna Henseleit, Karen Noftall and Barbara Chapman.


Sectionals held in St. John's, our skaters include Heidi Crim, Tanis Adey, Louise Sutherland, Shirley Thistle, Kerstin Henseleit, Karen Noftall and Barbara Chapman.


The Pikes (Dominic and Christine) start skating with the Club, moving in from Stephenville


Dominic and Christine Pike win gold medal at Canada Games in dance.

Club wins Chapman Trophy at sectionals, held at Prince of Wales arena. Gold medals for Anne Greene (juvenile ladies), Christine Withers (Elementary A), Shirley Thistle (Elementary B), Ashok Bhattacahrya (Peewee boys B), Brian Sullivan/ Janet Mackinlay (Novice dance), Susan Green / Pamela Sullivan (similar pairs B), and Anne Green / Janet Mackinlay (similar pairs A).


Club wins regional championship,


Club wins regional championship, Janis O'Brien wins mini-Balisch Cup.


Club wins regional championship


Shirley Thistle starts coaching with the club (professional since 1984)


Club wins regional championship


President's report- numbers constant, greatest # of skaters at Canada Winter Games team, Canpower flourishing with over 200 skaters

Karen Dowe skates at Divisionals.

Club member Barbara Ryan elected president of the CFSA.


Kristina Strawbridge, Rhian Walther compete at divisionals, hosted by the Club. Prince of Wales Princelles win Cornel Trophy.


Kristina Strawbridge and Heather Hallett compete at divisionals Gold tests: Heather Hallett freeskate, Janice O'Brien freeskate, Cherisse Norman dance and figures, Kristina Strawbridge dance, and freeskate.

Princelles junior precision team won silver in provincials in 1989, won gold in 1990, coached by Wendy. Princettes are the juvenile team

Adult evening session started

Carl Pike, powerskating coach leaves club


Strong showing at Provincials - Adrienne Mercer wins gold in Preliminary A


Sectionals: Kristina Strawbridge wins silver (Junior ladies), Heather Hallett gold (Novice); both compete at divisionals and Heather competes in Canada Winter Games.

Club wins regional championship, Rachel Facey wins mini Balisch cup.

Agnes Thistle wins provincial Judge of the year award

Chris Pitcher becomes head powerskating coach with Jack Lee, Dean Jacobs as assistants

Hosted Provincial championships in 1990-91

Club wins Chapman trophy at Provincials, and Davison Trophy for most improved. Heather Hallet wins least deductions award, Gold medals: Adrienne Mercer (pre-juvenile A), Sharada Oakley (pre-juvenile B), Hearther Hallet (novice).

Jack Strawbidge receives section volunteer award.


Sectionals: Heather Hallett gold (Junior); competes at divisionals

Interclub: wins trophy as best club, and most improved club.

Provincials: gold medals for Jennifer Vivian (preliminary B), Danika Drover and Jeff Quinland (preliminary dance), Adrienne Mercer (Juvenile) and Jane Godwin (Preliminary A).

Four skaters pass gold Tests. Kristina Strawbidge becomes triple gold, Janice O'Brien and Heather Hallett gold free, Cherisse Norman gold dance.


Club wins regional championship, and Divsionals. Adrienne Mercer, wins pre-novice title at sectionals, and gold at Provincials. Lelia Hutton wins Sun Life Merit award at Sectionals.


Adrienne Mercer, wins novice title at sectionals placed 11th at Novice in divisionals. AGM notes that there is insufficient ice time for interest shown.


Club wins regional championship. Adrienne Mercer wins award for least deductions at sectionals. Lelia Hutton competes at divisionals. Kevin Walsh wins CFSA Coach of the Year award. Club hosts 30th anniversary celebration.


Sectionals: golds for Adrienne Mercer (Junior), silver for Mark Spurrell (novice), and bronze for Megan Fleming (pre novice); all go on to divsionals along with Cyra Belbin.

Club wins regional championship, Rachael Facey wins mini-Balisch Cup. Agnes Thistle wins provincial and Canadian Judge of the year awards. Provincials: Club wins Chapman Trophy. The Alex Balisch Trophy for the Most Artistic Performance won by Lelia Hutton. Trophy for the best unison in a dance event went to the Juvenile Dance Couple of Heather Dawe (CBN) and Stefan Jonasson (Prince of Wales). Gold medals to Virginia Toombs (Pre-Juvenile Ladies A), Mark Spurrell (pre-novice) and Heather Dawe/ Stphan Johnasson (juvenile dance).


Lelia Hutton, Adrienne Mercer (Junior), Mark Spurrell (pre-novice), and Virginia Toombs (Pre-Novice) compete at Divsionals.


Virginia Toombs and Mark Spurrel compete at the first ever North American Challenge Skate in Lake Placid. Lelia Hutton, Adrienne Mercer (Junior), Mark Spurrell (Novice), Virginia Toombs (Pre-Novice) Giselle Belbin and Ben Stokes (Pre-Novice dance) compete at Divsionals. Virginia Toombs wins Polaris Cup for the most artistic skater at sectionals.

Regionals: gold medals for Sara Squires (Preliminary A), Karla Tulk (Preliminary B), Adrienne Morgan (Junior Bronze Ladies D), Denis e Smith (Junior Silver Ladies C), Meghan Fleming (Pre-Novice Ladies Long), Jamie Quinlan (Preliminary Mens B).

Club wins Chapman Trophy at Provincials, Meghan Fleming took the Campbell Soup Award for the Least Deductions in a Technical Program. Gold medals for Adrienne Morgan (Junior Bronze D), Meghan Fleming (Pre-Novice), Adrienne Mercer (Junior)


Annual Christmas family skate and fun competition starts Meghan Fleming represents Newfoundland at the Canada Games in Corner Brook in 1999, competing in the pre-novice category.

The Club sends 4 skaters to Divsionals in Corner Brook: Adrienne Mercer (Junior), Cyra Belbin (Novice), Meghan Fleming (pre-novice), and Mark Spurrell (novice men).

Adrienne Mercer becomes the first skater from Newfoundland to pass all Tests up to triple-gold level without a single failure.


Virginia Toombs, former Club member, with her pairs partner James Johnson, wins the Novice pairs competition at Canadians and go on to compete at Junior Worlds.

Trophy for "most improved Club" at regionals.

Megan Fleming wins Pre-Novice at sectionals, and competes at Divisionals.

Adult skaters Elizabeth Zedel (North Amercian Open)and John Hall win gold medals in national/ international competition.


Kerrilyn Evans wins bronze at pre-juvenile at sectionals. Club wins region trophy, Stephanie Fagan wins mini-Balisch cup. Adult and juvenile synchro teams wins gold, juvenile team wins Butt Trophy for Most Spirited Team. Best Club" honours at Inter-Club - 17 medallists out of 28 entries. Two former club members skated at the national championships. Lelia Hutton in Junior Dance, and Virginia Toombs in Junior pairs.

Adult skater John Hall wins gold medal in Mountain Cup international competition in France.

Katy Churchill selected as Provincial and National Canskater of the year Cyra Belbin passes gold freeskate test.


Club forced to move offices from Prince of Wales arena to Twin Rinks. Sara Squires silver pre-novice at Sectionals, competes at Eastern Challenge, Kerrilyn Evans bronze juvenile. Club wins trophy for best club at regionals. Sends 7 skaters to Newfoundland Winter Games, 14 skaters to Provincials. Three club teams win medals at Provincial Synchro championships. Club wins best club award at Avalon Interclub. Shirley Thistle was named "Section coach of the year", and Marion Jeans was named "Section volunteer of the year". Nicole Mallay named club Bank of Montreal CanSkater of the year. Jennifer Osmond passed her gold skills Test


Sara Squires wins bronze in novice at Sectionals, she and Kerrilynn Evans compete at Eastern challenge. Yvonne Chan and Nicole Burt win silver and bronze, pre-juvenile at sectionals. Club named to the Skate Canada Club Honour Roll for its achievement in the pursuit of excellence in skating program delivery and customer service. Tanith Belbin and her partner Benjamin Agosto finish 2nd in senior dance at the US National championships. Tanith is the daughter of Michele Mackinlay, who skated at a competitive level for Prince of Wales SC in the 1970s!

Club wins trophy for best club at regionals with 8 gold medalists. The Club's three synchro teams had an excellent Provincial Championships - Pre Juvenile team wins gold medal; Novice and Adult teams silver. At the Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating the Princettes pre-juvenile won their category, InSync won a silver medal and the Princelles won a bronze medal in Novice. Club wins best club award at Avalon Interclub. Maggie Walsh, Ashley Morgan, Nicole Chan and Valerie Ball win gold medals at Junior Provincials. Club skaters win 9 medals at Provincials. BMO Financal Group Club CanSkater of the year award went to Julia Kennedy. Club presented to Skate Newfoundland and Labrador a trophy for Junior Provincials - The "Agnes Thistle Shield" Dave Liverman, past-president of Prince of Wales won the Section Volunteer award and Wendy Mercer was nominated by the Section as a candidate for Skate Canada recreation coach of the year. Rhian Walther formerly a member of the Prince of Wales Skating Club was honoured by Skate Canada Eastern Ontario as the recipient of the Section Officials Award for the 2002-2003 Season.


Sectionals: David Craggs won a silver medal in pre-juvenile men. In juvenile Stephanie Fagan won bronze. Kerrilyn Evans finished fourth in pre-novice, Sara Squires 3rd in ladies novice, and Corey Sutherland won a silver medal in mens novice. Sara, Corey and Kerrilyn took part in the Eastern Challenge event in December where Corey Sutherland qualified for Junior Nationals with an 8th place finish in novice men. Allie McCurdy and her partner Michael Coreno finished 7th in Junior dance at the Canadian Championships. Now competing for Eastern Ontario, Allie learned to skate in the Canskate programme. The Club won the Browning-Harvey trophy for Best Club at Avalon regionals for the fourth consecutive year.

Corey Sutherland finished 10th at Junior Nationals in novice men. Juvenile team won bronze and masters team gold at Provincial Synchro. Club wins best club award and most improved club at Avalon Interclub. 16 club skaters took part in the Provincial Championships earning 10 medals. Jenna Hillyard, Anna Stylianides, Samantha Phelan and Sara Squires won gold medals, and Sara also won the Withers award for most outstanding performance. Four club skaters attended Junior Provincials and all won medals. BMO Financial Group CanSkater of the Year was Julia Howley. Club membership reaches all time high of 744. At Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador awards banquet Andrea Thistle was named Skate Canada Program Assistant of the year, Ruth Noel recieved the Elizabeth Swan Memorial Award for service to synchronised skating and Karen Hillyard received the top volunteer award - the Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence.


Sectionals: The club won both pre-juvenile and juvenile ladies events through Julia Mercer and Stephanie Fagan. Stephanie qualified to compete at Junior Nationals. In addition Yvonne Chan won silver in pre-novice, and Maggie Walsh a silver medal in preliminary. Kerrilyn Evans finished 4th in novice, qualifying for Eastern Challenge. Ryan Sutherland and Alisha Coolin represent club at Canadians in Junior pairs. Club wins 10 medals at Regionals but surrenders best club trophy to Mount Pearl. Stephanie Fagan finishes 6th in juvenile at Junior Canadians. Former club president Brian Jonasson killed in car crash in Texas. Club hosts Provincial Synchro competition, with teams winning two gold and one silver medal. Junior team finishes 13th at Eastern Festival of Synchro. Agnes Thistle awarded the Skate Canada volunteer award of excellence. Beth Liverman wins Provincial STARSkater of the year award. Provincial Championships in Goose Bay: Erinn Power won gold in Junior Bronze B, Andrea Thistle gold in Junior Silver A, Jenna Hillyard bronze in Senior Bronze B, Clara Pollard bronze in Senior Bronze A, and Nicole Burt bronze in Juvenile ladies. Club membership increases again to over 850.


Sectionals: The club won both pre-juvenile and pre-novice ladies events through Nicole Chan and Stephanie Fagan. In addition Anna Stylianides won a silver in pre-juvenile, and Julia Mercer bronze in juvenile. Yvonne Chan finished 4th in pre-novice, qualifying for Eastern Challenge. Stephanie Fagan was also awarded Polaris Cup (most artistic skater). Club starts female CanPower sessions. Ryan Sutherland and Alisha Coolin represent club at Canadians in Junior pairs. Former Prince of Wales skater Allie Hann-McCurdy becomes 2006 Canadian Junior dance champion with her partner Michael Coreno. Stephanie Fagan and Yvonne Chan competed in the Eastern Challenge in PreNovice ladies. Yvonne finished in 17th place, and Stephanie 28th. 14 club skaters medal at Regionals. InSync (Masters), Princelles (novice) and Synergy (Junior) all win gold at Provincial Synchro, the Popsicles CanSkate team win silver. Synergy finished 9th at the Eastern Festival of Synchonized Skating in PEI. Tanith Belbin and her partner Ben Agosto winn an Olympic silver medal in ice dance. Tanith is the daughter of Michelle McKinlay, who was a competitive skater with the club in the 1970s. Julia Mercer and Stephanie Fagan win gold medals at Winter Games- Erinn Power, Jenna Hillyard, and Nicole Burt also medalled.


Julia Mercer won the first Rebecca Pack Memorial award at the fall invitational event. At Sectionals the club won 5 medals in preliminary events, with Anna Stylianides finishing 2nd in juvenile, and Julia Mercer 3rd in pre-novice. Julia Mercer and Yvonne Chan competed at Eastern Challenge, where Julia qualified for the Canada Games team. Beth Liverman (dance) and Jenna Hillyard (freeskate) passed gold tests. the club won most points trophies at Regionals (17 skaters medalled), Provincials (20 medals) and Interclub (15 medals) - perhaps the first time it has held all three awards. In addition the club was awarded the most improved trophy at interclub. Julia Mercer skated at the Canada Games, and won awards for most artistic skater at regionals, and most outstanding performance at provincials. Our synchro teams had a very successful competition at the Eastern Festival of Synchronized Skating. The Princelles novice team won gold in Provincials and a bronze in Eastern festival; InSync captured their fourth consecutive provincial title in Masters, also earning gold in Eastern Festival; Synergy won a provincial silver medal; The Princettes (prejuvenile) earned two bronze medals!


John Hall, former club executive member and pioneering adult competitive skater passed away in October. 16 skaters competed in Sectionals winning 8 medals. Julia Mercer, Stephanie Fagan, Yvonne Chan and Nicole Burt competed at Eastern Challenge. Following Sectionals 15 of our skaters were named to Provincial teams. The club's Junior Synchronized skating team, Synergy competed at Winterfest in Ontario and finished in 10th place out of 18 teams. Former Prince of Wales SC member Allie McCurdy along with her partner Michael Coreno (representing BC/YT), won a bronze medal in senior dance at Canadians. The club sent 28 entries to Avalon Regionals and returned with 16 medals. Four synchro teams travelled to Grand Falls take part in the Provincial Championships and all returned with medals. The Princettes won gold in pre-juvenile, the Princelles silver in Novice, Synergy gold in Junior (setting a provincial record) and InSync won silver in the Masters category. The club passed 1000 members for the first time, and was presented with the Skate Canada President's CanSkate Challenge award for the greatest increase in CanSkate numbers in the province this year. At the Provincial Championships the club won the Chapman Trophy (most points) for the third year in succession. At Avalon Region Interclub the club retained the most points trophy. Roland Eddy passed his Dutch Waltz test at the end of our Winter Adult session at the age of 69. At the Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador AGM, Susan Thistle was presented with the Section Volunteer award, and Chris Pitcher received the Volunteer coach award. 2008-09

Julia Mercer, Yvonne Chan and Synergy were featured at Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador's "Evening of Champions" show, September 20 at Mile One; in addition our provincial team members took part. It was a real thrill for all to share the ice with the likes of Kurt Browning, Jeff Buttle, and Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. Club member Corey Sutherland, was promoted to Canadian Singles Technical Specialist. Ashley Morgan was presented with the Rebecca Pack Memorial award at the Rebecca Pack Memorial Skate. 14 club skaters entered Sectionals. The Bank of Montreal Sectional Merit Award for the most outstanding performance went to Julia Mercer and the Polaris Artistic Cup was awarded to Stephanie Fagan. Stephanie Fagan, Yvonne Chan, Carly Austin, Julia Mercer & Ashley Morgan qualified for Eastern Challenge - the largest number of club skaters to attend the challenge since it was instituted. Following Sectionals 13 skaters were named to Provincial teams.

Maggie Walsh won the MiniBalisch Cup at regionals. Synergy Junior Synchro team competes in Eastern Festival of Synchro, finishing 8th. Synergy win Cornel Trophy as best team at Synchro provincials; Synergy and Princelles win gold, Princettes win bronze and InSync silver. Olivia Drover-Martin was named most artistic skater at Skate Mount Pearl The club hosted the World's Finest Provincial Championship at the NE Avalon arena and won the most points trophy for the fourth year in a row. Stephanie Fagan won the Withers Most Outstanding performance award, Nicole Burt won the Balish Cup (most artistic), and Olivia Drover-Martin qualified for STARSkate nationals by winning bronze triathlon.

Wendy Chapman, founding club member c. 1963

Cast of the Nutcracker - the Club's first ice show; Brenda Diamond 3rd from right

Brian Macleod, Alex Balisch, and Wendy Chapman returning from 1967 Atlantic Provincials

Wendy Chapman, off to Canadians

1973 ice show (more pictures from 1973)

1975: senior skaters Barbara Chapman, Karen MacKinlay and Ines Fremanis

1970s: senior skaters and coaches with new club crest

1975: Regional medal winners

1975: Novice competitors

Amateur coaches 1975 - anyone able to put names to these faces?

1976?: senior skaters

Wendy Chapman and Barbara Chapman with Chapman Trophy, 1970s

1987?: test skaters

3 generations - Mrs. Chapman with Wendy and Adrienne Mercer, Provincials banquet 1991

The Addams precision team 1992-93

30th anniversary cake 1995

Power-skating coaches and Robert Stokes (coordinator), 1995

Unconventional coaching methods in our adult sessions...

Parents and skaters preparing for 30th anniversary ice show

Senior skaters, 2001